New Open Smarter Course:

my scientific method to find your ideal relationship


New Open Smarter Course:

my scientific method to find your ideal relationship


Almost everybody experiences fantasies and desires for people other than their committed partner. How you choose to deal with this reality is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make about your love life.

Meet Dr. Zhana

Hi there! I'm Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, a NYC-based sexuality and relationships scientist, writer, and consultant. I've been helping sexually adventurous and nontraditional people build extraordinary lifestyles for 15 years.

Our society tells us that we can't indulge in our sexual wild side and be healthy, safe, and ethical. Luckily, scientific research—and my own extensive personal experience—suggest otherwise. It's all about having smarter tools to navigate the increased complexity of an unconventional lifestyle.

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Make smarter decisions about sex and love. 

Our relationships touch every aspect of our body, mind, and soul. Yet we constantly make poor choices about who we love and how we have sex. These are costly mistakes. They leave us feeling deeply unfulfilled, harmed by our partners, or paying for ugly divorces.

Why are sex and love so hard to get right? We’re overwhelmed by options and torn in different directions by opposing forces. We crave all the new titillating sexual lifestyles becoming possible, and we have the technological luxury to make our dreams reality. But we’re still buried under a mountain of shame, crippled by misinformation and inadequate sex education, and terrified of getting canceled for crossing boundaries we didn’t know existed. It’s exhilarating and paralyzing all at once.

The good news? We have a lot of control over our relationship decisions. We just have to start applying rational scientific principles to our actions, rather than let ourselves be pulled randomly by our Stone Age emotions and Medieval social norms. Smarter choices require a trusted source of easily applicable information, and encouragement to unapologetically embrace your authentic sexual self, no matter how nontraditional it is.

Let's Work Together!  

Don't let fear and shame keep you from designing the sex and love life you fantasize about. Take a look at the different ways I can help you feel empowered and confident to make choices that are right for you, even if those choices are outside the societal box. Only the life you truly crave is a life worth living.

Online Courses

Open Relationship Course

The Open Smarter Method™ is a scientific, personality-based approach to relationship design. 

  • Learn about the different types of open (and open-ish) relationships. 
  • Gain insight into your unique personality make-up and how it affects your relationship choices.

  • Discover which relationship types will be easy for you, and which ones are a stretch.

  • Overcome some of the obstacles standing in your way to the love life you truly crave.

  • Develop lifelong skills for navigating relationships in a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate way.

Sex and Relationship 

Are You Living Your Best Sex Life?

I offer sex and relationship consulting for sexually adventurous and nontraditional individuals and couples. Whether you're interested in spicing things up a bit in your long-term marriage, or figuring out how to be a healthy, ethical slut, I can help. Using my proprietary, science-based Sexual Authenticity Model, I guide you through a customized process to discover the most authentic sex and love life for you. We then map out together how to implement this vision in a way that is fulfilling and safe for everyone involved.

You deserve to feel the power of living an exhilarating sex life.

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