Calling all bisexual/curious ladies!

May 07, 2021

How does an evening of flowing champagne, spin the bottle, flirting, and tequila body shots off of a beautiful woman dressed in lingerie sound? With the potential for more to happen?

 Well.. it’s all available to you when you attend a Skirt Club play party. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with Skirt Club CEO and founder Genevieve LeJeune on my Instagram about Skirt Club and their first play party since the pandemic!

Genevieve founded Skirt Club 7 years ago, in London, when she was working in finance and was having a difficult time meeting other bisexual women. She quickly learned that her fellow Brits were more open minded than expected - and quite liberal in the bedroom!

She designed Skirt Club as a Women’s Only Private Members Club to give women the space to explore their sexuality on their own without pressure from men/their partners. She explained that men tend to influence a lot of energy at coed play parties - especially when attending as a couple.

Skirt Club provides a space for women to think more about themselves, their pleasures, desires and bodies vs. thinking for a couple; Designed FOR women, BY women for YOUR pleasure. 

Now, Skirt Club has over 16,000+ members around the world! The largest club is in London with New York close behind. Next time you are visiting Beijing or Australia look them up - there are Skirt Club parties happening there too!

Skirt Club is hosting their FIRST play party since the pandemic in Miami the weekend of May 14.

 I’ll be kicking off the weekend by speaking to about open relationships and how to navigate them whether you are in one now or in the future.

You can join in-person or virtually and can get 20% off your ticket by using code: ZHANASKIRT20

Here is a bit more of my conversation with Genevieve and some of the questions my Instagram audience asked. 

Q: Why for women if it’s about being bisexual?

Genevieve: Men tend to influence too much when it comes to coed parties - the dynamic changes with men in the room. The party is for women to be put on the spot to make choices about pleasure for themselves. What are their true desires - what is their body saying?

Dr. Zhana: Lesbians have female only spaces where they know more about what they want and are usually more experienced/confident in same sex experiences vs. bisexual or curious women!

Genevieve: Skirt Club is more for bicurious and bisexual women for first time experiences. There is a lot of hand holding and tender care to assist.

Dr. Zhana: It is so important to create containers and spaces for all the different gender and sexual orientations to explore!

Q: People have been asking if this is trans inclusive. Do you agree trans women are women and is Skirt Club trans women inclusive?

Genevieve: Yes, I agree trans women are women and yes - we do have trans members!

Q: Skirt Club specifies and prioritizes femininity and female energy and body parts - why?

Genevieve: Skirt Club was designed as a very femme space for women. A space devoid of masculinity and that energy. Women (in most cases) are used to men leading - so when there aren’t any around and you aren’t sure is leading - you ask yourself different questions like, “How do I make the move on her…?”

Q: What are some of your tips on flirting with women at Skirt Club play parties?

Genevieve: Eye contact! You need to be able to read someone's body language! Does her hand gently find your arm, make contact? That's usually your cue! Don't ignore her actions. ;)

We're all there for the same reason - so that removes some of the guesswork. Make your move, darling. She’s more likely to say yes. ;)

If you start making the first move, you're more likely to make the first move more often in more parts of your life. It builds confidence. The more we want feminism to exist we need to make it happen. Skirt Club exists to make that happen.

Q: How does Skirt Club work? 

Genevieve: Skirt Club is a Private members club where you need to apply to be a member. 

The website looks a lot like Facebook where you can have a profile, photos- connect with other members. You can join the other cities so when you travel you can meet up with other members and attend parties! Events are in person and virtual, and you can participate as much or as little as you please. It's your journey and we are here to help you through it!

If you are not comfortable having your profile online, there is an option to have an offline membership.

Q: There was a privacy issue a few years back on the website - is this something that has followed you? How did you recover?

Genevieve: A journalist in Berlin claimed they could see pictures of the members on the back end of the website (an old one, we have a new one now) and the website was built on WordPress and claimed they hacked it. You have to be careful with the tabloids - they live off of the hype and there is a lot of sensational news around of nudity and sex and it was blown up.

Bottom line, non-members CANNOT see members photos - you are totally safe.

Again - HUGE thank you to Genevieve LeJeune for taking the time to speak with me! I can’t wait for the event in Miami and to speak to all of the lovely ladies there!

I hope you can join me virtually or in person.

Get your tickets here and use code ZHANASKIRT20 for 20% off tickets.

Join myself and other bisexual women May 14th!