Squirting School - TSOS Ep. 56

podcast sex science news sex studies squirting Feb 12, 2019

Every time Dr. Zhana teaches about almost any topic, someone asks a question about squirting, often referred to as female ejaculation. It seems like squirting is having a moment right now, with everyone and their mother wanting to know if all vagina-owners can squirt, what the ejaculate is made of, and how to make it happen.

Listen to the Science of Sex Podcast Ep. 56 HERE. 

There is very limited science on this, which Dr. Zhana recently sifted through extensively while working on the online squirting course that her business partner, Kenneth Play, launched recently to teach people how to squirt. So in this episode, Dr. Zhana and Joe do something a little different. Instead of an academic researcher, we invite someone with an impressive amount of hands-on “research” when it comes to making vagina-owners squirt – Kenneth Play.

Just how many vaginas has Kenneth had an opportunity to try and make them squirt? What’s his success rate? What’s the most reliable technique for making this happen?

This and so much more in Episode 56 of the Science of Sex Podcast.

Oh, and want to help us learn more about squirting? Dr. Zhana and Kenneth recently put together the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey on squirting – head on to squirtingsurvey.com and take it! Anyone regardless of gender or squirting experience can take it!!

About our Guest- 

Kenneth Play is an international sex hacking expert, sex educator and coach, and former celebrity fitness trainer.