The Good, The Bad, and Polyamory – TSOS Ep. 37!

podcast polyamory sex in the news sex science news sex studies Jun 25, 2018

In episode Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Amy C. Moors about her research on non-monogamy!

Listen to the Science of Sex Podcast Episode 35 HERE. 

Non-monogamy often gets a bad rep in our society, but also in academia. A lot of research conducted on polyamory has been biased, showing stigma even among researchers. Hence, this makes it difficult to have clear and accurate statistics about non-monogamy and open relationships. Thankfully, there are some studies out there that attempt to analyze this bias and why it occurs.


About Our Guest- 

Amy C. Moors, is the Director of the Social Science Research and Evaluation Program at Purdue University’s College of Engineering and a Research Fellow at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute.