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Monogamy? Polyamory? Swinging? Monogamish? Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell?

Which type of relationship you thrive or struggle in depends on your personality. Discover your unique self with the Open Smarter Method™, a new, revolutionary science-based approach to optimizing your love life. 


45 Videos

Engaging videos designed to teach you how your unique personality makeup affects your relationship success. Discover which relationship type is the right fit for you.  

15 Personality Quizzes

Revealing quizzes to determine where you stand on key traits like novelty-seeking, assertiveness, jealousy, and more. The more accurately you assess your personality, the smarter your decisions.

Access to Group Class Discussions

Listen in on recordings of inspiring group discussions that dive deeper into the entire course curriculum. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows you to hear real stories from people just like you. 

How Jealous Are You?

Almost everybody experiences fantasies and desires for people other than their committed partner. Learning where you stand on jealousy, and how to change (if you want to), can transform the way you approach the relationships in your life.

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The Open Smarter Method


For 10,000 years we’ve been told we are monogamous. Nowadays we’re told we are actually nonmonogamous. As the brilliant Chris Ryan, the author of Sex at Dawn, says, “Just because you have chosen to be a vegetarian, that doesn't mean that bacon stops smelling good."

The reality is, bacon smells a lot better to some people than it does to others. Humans differ even more in how much we crave multiple partners. Some of us are perfectly happy in lifelong monogamy, others need fully open relationships. Most people thrive somewhere in between. 

It’s only when our lifestyles are aligned with our deepest desires and our most sacred values that we fulfill our greatest potential and live our most authentic life. 

Designing your relationship based on your personality makes all the difference between costly relationship failures versus lifelong success. 

The Open Smarter Method™ combines Dr. Zhana’s academic background as a research scholar, with her years of experience in sexuality and relationship consulting. She brings you the best of both worlds: cutting-edge information and the skills to apply it to your everyday life. This method helps you figure out where you're at on the relevant spectrum, understand what that means for you, and then gently guide you toward making worthwhile changes. 

Click on the video for an example of how this works with the novelty seeking trait. 


A Curriculum Like No Other

Nonmonogamy Orientation

Dive into your nonmonogamy tendencies novelty seeking, desires, and relationship satisfaction. 

The 50 Shades of CNM

Explore the vast array of different relationship structures so you can start considering what's right for you. 


Attachment Patterns

Understand your childhood attachment patterns that impact all aspects of your relationship functioning.

Emotional Stability

Develop more constructive emotional regulation skills, especially if you're a highly emotionally reactive person. 

Cognitive Flexibility

Expand your ability to deal with ambiguity and change, two key features of any nonmonogamous relationship trajectory.


Set clear and healthy boundaries with your sexual and romantic partners around things like your own body, behaviors, and time. 

Empathy & Compassion

Discover your capacity for empathy and compassion, then use them to set fair rules and agreements with your romantic partners.


Conquer the fear of the green-eyed monster that's holding you back from living the relationship life you truly crave.

Social Stigma Resilience 

Overcome the societal stigma and judgment alternative lifestyles still carry with them in many parts of the world. 

Sexual Risk Tolerance 

Calculate the level of sexual risk you are comfortable with in order to design sexual health protocols that are right for you.  

Pleasure Capacity

Boost your ability to experience sexual arousal and orgasm during your sexual interactions across a variety of different social and relationship contexts. 

Infatuation Susceptibility 

Manage catching feelings for your multiple sexual and romantic partners in ways that don't damage your pre-existing relationships. 

BONUS: Science of Personality (the "Geek Module")

Have you always been curious to learn more about why humans are the way we are? How human personality works? How and why everything is on a spectrum rather than a binary? How and why women and men differ from each other? To what extent is all of this a product of genes versus the environment? Can we change who we are?

This is your chance to take that Psych 101 class you always wanted to take. The Science of Personality (lovingly called the "Geek Module") consists of 15 lessons and 3.5 hrs of video content that provides invaluable insight into yourself and other people.


What People are Saying

“I really enjoy how accurate it feels in describing my journey so far. Perhaps I'm cliche, but it's comforting to hear that there's a path that will spare me the deep depression, guilt and shame I feel.  I like that the videos are broken up into small segments rather than long drawn-out lectures.”

            “I love the video content. Also some components in the workbook have already provided a breakthrough on an internal limiting conversations I had.”

“It's easy to follow, I like the short videos, feels very dynamic and enjoyable. I love the surveys/questionnaires and how it makes you reflect on yourself. Also love the workbook with extra information and exercises to help.”

“My husband and I are looking to open our marriage. And we just want to make sure we do it in the healthiest and smartest way possible so that we can minimize the chances of it having a negative impact on our relationship.”

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova is a professor of sexuality at New York University, and the creator of Uncensored with Dr. Zhana, a unique new approach to having difficult conversations about sex and love in a sex-positive space and community.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Zhana has been doing research, teaching classes, and consulting clients on the topics of monogamy and nonmonogamy. 

Dr. Zhana is a lifelong nonmonogamist herself, but doesn't mind if you aren't.


Why I created this course

We expect more from our love life today than ever before. Yet every day I see people fail at relationships. Heartbreak, anger, disappointment, frustration, financial ruin... all during an era of unprecedented freedom and opportunities when it comes to sex and relationships. So much of this suffering is because we try to force ourselves into the wrong type of relationships, ones that are incompatible with our personality makeup and life circumstances. It’s like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Monogamy isn't for everyone, but neither are swinging, polyamory, Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell (or any one other relationship type). I'm tired of seeing people blindly making poor decisions because of lack of information, outdated traditions,  or strong but misguided emotions.

The Open Smarter Method™ is a scientific, personality-based approach to relationship design, which can help us avoid common pitfalls and make smarter decisions about two of the most important areas of our lives: sex and relationships.

Let's Do This!

If you're ready to learn more about yourself and how to build the right relationship for YOU, now is the perfect time to start the Open Smarter course.


Everything you get: 

  • $1,197 value. Access to 45 videos over 12 modules.
  • $247 value. 15 science-informed assessments.
  • $247 value. 200+ exercises, techniques, and resources that can change your life.  
  • $497 Value. BONUS: Science of Personality module which is 3.5hrs of high quality science content. 
  • $997 value. BONUS: Access to the recordings and materials of the Open Smarter LIVE classes where Dr. Zhana and students from all over the world dive into their personal experiences as they work through the course. 

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