Uncensored - Testimonials

Uncensored #23: D/s 101

"Loved it all and felt very heard! Great advice given! My favorite part was the breakout rooms."

"It was honestly such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to attend more events!"

"I had interest in D/s dynamics for a long time, but never tried anything. Now I have a clearer idea of how it works and how to start if I decide to do so."

Uncensored #22: Why (not) date a slut?

"I enjoyed literally everything! People were so respectful once again and a lot of important questions were covered. "

"My biggest takeaway was sluttiness definitions. A slut isn't just defined by numbers!"

Uncensored #21: Queer Sex & Dating

"I really liked the topic, the stories, and of course learning more about Dr. Zhana and her one true love!"

"Someone said queer sex is forever and this was my biggest takeaway!"

Uncensored #20: Flirting in 2021

"Spicy, fun, playful, but also serious and important. I liked that we discussed neuroatypical experiences with flirting and how body language cues aren't accessible for everyone."

"I liked the suggested ways of asking for consent. "Are we flirting right now?". It seems SO obvious, but it actually isn't. "

"I enjoyed the use of data and the polls. Loved the 41% of pan/bisexual in the session, the inclusivity and the diverse range of opinion!"

Uncensored #19: Masturbation

"I liked everything! Dr. Zhana was a great, engaging host that balanced privacy concerns with curiosity to learn from the guests."

"My biggest takeaway was that there are so many people in similar experiences to mine! I am not alone in the things I am ashamed of and that was a huge relief and a great feeling of “it’s ok, i’m normal”."

"Thanks again for Uncensored. It was a reminder that there are other views out there but it was also a moment to look at how I move through the world. How untrusting I've become and how I could be missing out because survival has taken over."

Uncensored #18: Objectification

"My biggest takeaway was that as we all begin to get back to "normal life", whatever normal means, we can look at past behaviors and ideas and approach the world in a new way."

"I've never considered that objectification could be pleasurable, for me, let alone playful. But as I learn more about what objectification is, I realize I'm more afraid to admit that I enjoy it, in certain instances. The reality is, I do enjoy it!"

Uncensored #17: Tantra & Pleasure

"I liked how each argument and information was backed up with a fully rounded perspective. Every side was being examined without any biased opinion."

"I learned to trust my mind and thoughts more."

Uncensored #16: Bi/Pancuriosity

"I was the lesbian who spoke at the end and everyone in the chat made me feel so heard and seen. They could hear I was stressed and in a bit of turmoil for being interested in a casual FFM. I still have so much time to explore! I cannot wait to join another Uncensored."

"I loved the wonderful openness of others to listen and share their experiences!"

"As a newbie, to me it was super interesting and so lovely to see how respectful everyone was."

Uncensored #15: Porn

"It was really refreshing and new to me. There aren't many places online where you can discuss things respectfully and have so many different POVs shared at the same time! For someone as young as me it definitely feels like a luxury. I especially loved hearing what men's experiences and thoughts were; I haven’t been exposed to that view as much as I’d like to."

"Loved hearing all the different viewpoints on porn; and the respectful disagreements were so great!"

"It was fascinating. Looking forward to more Dr. Zhana. I’m a shy person, but I realised that Uncensored is for me 'cause I can be open and my opinion would be validated as it is. Thank you for doing this. Ladies and gentlemen DON’T MISS UNCENSORED WITH DR. ZHANA, IT IS HEAVEN ON EARTH, TRUST ME!"

"My biggest takeaway was that so many people experience the same negative effects related to their image/performance but they don't give up porn, instead they find what works for them. I loved the fact that so many people were sharing their thought process going from feeling bad to feeling more at peace with themselves (finding different porn resources, talking with partners, deciding that they need a break from porn etc)."

Uncensored #14: Women's Orgasms

"I really enjoyed people’s very specific descriptions of what their orgasms feel like and what makes them orgasm. I’m fairly open with my friends, but I've never had a conversation that was quiet as candid; it felt like I recognised myself in many of these experiences. "

"I loved this event ! It was the first Uncensored that I've been to and I would definitely love to come back. Thank you for letting me participate!"

"I liked that there was contribution from other people and an open discussion without judgement. The poll at the beginning covered some themes that we could then all discuss in depth. I enjoyed the scientific research & contribution from Kenneth play."

Uncensored #13: Kink

"Thank you! It was my first Uncensored. It was confronting & comforting in the best ways."

"Great conversation with interesting topic and experienced guests."

"It was my favourite so far. I feel like it had the most helpful and insightful conversations yet."

"Today's Uncensored on Kink was so interesting! I’m super impressed by people’s willingness to share. I learned that I have a lot to learn!"

Uncensored #12: Monogamish Relationships

"I absolutely loved the event. It felt amazing listening to everybody’s stories and sharing some of my experiences as well. I felt accepted and it just felt I could talk about anything. I shared my story and received so much love for it which is just not possible in a regular environment. Uncensored really brought out the uncensored me. I would love to keep coming back for more even though I had to wake up at 5 am for it."

"It just made me feel validated in my beliefs and verified some things for me."

"[Liked] the openness and naturalness when talking about sex. It worked!"

Uncensored #11: Anal

"You are always so interesting dr. Zhana, full of knowledge and a good orator, but what made the difference was the people who contributed. Such cool folks with different experiences to share. I wish I had all of them as my friends to regularly talk to about these topics. I really loved it!"

"So many people wanted to learn and destigmatize anal pleasure!"

"I loved how natural the conversation flowed; interesting insights and personal stories were great to hear."

"I liked the chill pace, the structure and of course the pre-event party! Science was the part I enjoyed the most. "

Uncensored #10: Jealousy

"Such a rich topic due to the emotional nature; people shared so openly about such a difficult, vulnerable thing. I felt so connected to people because of this. "

"[Liked] the topic and the respectful discussion."

"I rarely find anyone outside of my (tiny) immediate circle who has the chutzpah to take it on and see it through. That's why I'm so deeply moved, excited and honored to participate in this."

Uncensored #9: Sex Drive High and Low

"I've learned that experiencing mismatched sex drives is pretty common and there are many ways to work through it as a couple."

"I learned a lot. From Zhana’s discussion at the beginning to the skill share. Once again, I felt part of a community that cannot only feel safe to talk about such things without judgement, but also really enjoys talking about the topics. It’s mentally stimulating and there is no shame."

"Another reminder that talking about our personal experiences is healthy and validating, even when it's challenging and vulnerable to do so."

Uncensored #8: Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes

"I learned that I have a very different approach to sex and relationships than many others do, both in how I navigate my relationships and who I surround myself with. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by like-minded sex positive kinky people who I would feel totally comfortable approaching about group sex if I wanted it!"

"I learned that it's fine to negotiate stuff; it doesn't kill the mood, it actually creates the environment for a pleasant group sex experience. I like order and chaos at the same time. Consent and negotiatons are order, sex can be the chaos and everyone will be happy. This was my final thought."

"A lot of interesting information and discussion."

"What a wonderful event last night. Was so inspiring and informative and above all, FRIENDLY."

Uncensored #7: The Grey Area of Consent

"[Like] the participation, Dr. Zhana's way of directing the conversation and merging topics. I enjoyed the chat conversation as well. Everyone seemed so engaged and happy to participate."

"My biggest takeaways were the importance of educating society on consent and the need of empowering woman to say NO - and men to accept it without feeling hurt."

Uncensored #6: Sex Work

"My biggest takeaway was definitely how much positivity was communicated about sex work."

"I really liked how the audience gave their own opinions and talked about their experiences involving sex work. It really gave me more of an insightful perspective on the topic."

"I really enjoyed hearing about people's experiences with sex work, those who had been in the industry for 10+ yrs. While I do feel that sex work isn't spoken about as much as it should, hearing about someone that had actually been a sex worker for so long, reminded me of the fact that this profession really has existed for decades. I also got to learn about the laws impeding sex workers from freely working, the reasons why some would choose to do sex work, and their feelings towards the profession overall."

"[Liked] hearing from people who had used services from SW. I feel it’s not as easy to have access to that side of the opinions on the topic"

"I enjoyed men being respectful."

Uncensored #5: Sex Under Power Dynamic

"We have to be aware of human complexity and don't judge different views and choices based on our experiences only. That is why Uncensored is important."

"[Liked] the thoughtful, smart and open stories. The level of support/warmth. Honestly, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it - I don't usually like 'group conversations' but I felt like I really LIKE these folks and would want to be friends with them and talk more (in person)."

"I think the discussed topic was important - it's a pressing and polarizing issue in the society, and thoughtful and respectful conversations representing different views and experiences is vital for it."

"A highly personal topic - as a person who struggles with emotional intimacy MOST of the relationships I've had have been with women I met in the workplace. It makes me recall how much I miss flirting and other sorts of spontaneous interactions that can be fun and have value."

Uncensored #4: Open Relationships

"I enjoyed the breakout rooms. There was an increased feeling of comfort, ease, and trust among the group members, and the conversation was specific and more pointed."

"I really loved the whole thing! I loved hearing from couples and individuals about their successes and struggles with non monogamy. I also felt like I learned a lot during the breakout rooms."

"Having a safe environment to share and listen, hearing other people experiences, makes you feel less alone."

Uncensored #3: Disclosure

"The real time dimension of it really adds to the feeling that these are real people sharing their stories and enthusiastically speaking on topics that I’ve been loving to explore myself for the last couple of years. The feeling of having my own thoughts validated by so many different people is genuinely heartwarming."

"I’m not alone. So many people value these topics, even if I’m the only person in my life that is outspoken about their interests in these topics."

"I love Dr. Zhana's moderation. She’s very respectful but keeps things moving at an enjoyable and appropriate rate that facilitates learning and deeper thinking."

Uncensored #2: Squirting

"My biggest takeways was that practice makes perfect - even when we are talking squirting."

"I felt that I am not alone! There are people all around the world with similar concerns."

Uncensored #1: Intimacy in Casual Sex

"It was extremely gratifying to see so much more diverse crowd than I was expecting, especially when it came to age. As a fairly young person practicing polyamory, it's really nice to see folks who have followed the thread much further than myself and also to see confirmation that it's not 'just a phase' or something to grow out of as a relationship gets more serious."

"My first feeling when being on the zoom call was overwhelming - I'm still so used to having feelings of guilt and shame around CNM. Seeing all these people from all over the world coming together to talk openly about it, was beautiful... Then realizing how different everyone was, was again a positive surprise - definitely opening horizons. I loved how easy it felt to be part of it, very accessible, and how there was no pressure on talking."

"Makes sense now, but I didn't think that individuals within a couple can have different 'rules' when opening up the relationship. Kind of a big epiphany for me! I also really love hearing that even couples that have been practicing some form of ethical non monogamy for years are not 'perfect' at it. Feelings and agreements can change over time and that's normal and ok."


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