with Dr. Zhana

Why do I want what I want? Can I be really wild and still be healthy and loved? How do I keep myself and others safe? Am I normal? Can I change?  

Building the sex and relationship life you truly crave begins with talking about it openly and honestly with other people. Join a global sex-positive community of people in the most unique conversation format you've ever been a part of!

What is Uncensored? 

One attendee called Uncensored "a week-long retreat in a 2-hr setting."

At its most basic, Uncensored is a conversation. An open and honest discussion about sex and relationships among people from all over the world, moderated by Dr. Zhana. Each 120-minute Zoom event tackles a different thought-provoking, controversial, misunderstood, even challenging topic in a two-way conversational format that combines scientific fact, personal stories, and skill shares by people from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. In a world plagued by silence, guilt, shame, and misinformation, Uncensored opens up discussions with people from all different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to allow for personal insights, emotional healing, and expanding horizons.

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"The real time dimension of Uncensored really adds to the feeling that these are real people sharing their stories and enthusiastically speaking on topics that I’ve been loving to explore myself for the last couple of years. The feeling of having my own thoughts validated by so many different people is genuinely heartwarming."

"Dr. Zhana does a great job at moderating the large group discussion. She makes it look easy and there's lots of participation."

"What a wonderful event last night! Uncensored was so inspiring and informative and above all, FRIENDLY. Strange word choice, I know, but the group was very supportive both in the main chat and the breakaway rooms." 

Why I Created Uncensored...

For the first time in human history, we have the luxury of living our best sexual lives, and we have a million questions about how to get there.

Yet, the shame and misinformation surrounding sex make it very difficult to have the necessary heart-to-heart conversations.

The new cancel-culture makes it dangerous to even ask certain questions.

And on top of it, a drawn-out pandemic is making human connection more elusive than ever before.

I created Uncensored because I'm sick of all of that. I wanted a space where we can talk about ALL the things we never get to talk about.

Today more than ever we need better, longer conversations about sex, love, and relationships.

Let's talk.

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What attendees have learned from Uncensored... 

"I liked the thoughtful, smart, and open stories as well as the level of support and warmth amongst participants. Honestly, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it - I don't usually like "group conversations" but I felt like I really LIKE these folks and would want to be friends with them and talk more in person." 

"I really liked hearing about people's experiences. It was really great to hear the gratification people got from their work. It was also really cool to hear how much the clients enjoyed the services they purchased."

"It was a great experience. My first feeling when being on the zoom call was overwhelming - I'm still so used to have feelings of guilt and shame around consensual non-monogamy and seeing all these people from all over the world coming together to talk openly about it was beautiful. I loved how easy it felt to be part of it, very accessible, and how there was no pressure on talking."

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Participate in a fascinating 2-hr conversation...

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  • ...from all over the world...

  • ...committed to respecting each other.

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Purchase access to past Uncensored and consume it on your own time. Each product includes:

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Become a part of our Uncensored community and get access to: 

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  • And MUCH more to come!

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